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Sustainable camping in Limburg

Energy waste does not exist at Uitspanning Zonnedauw. The sanitary building “Ons Badhuis” is equipped with sustainable energy systems, which we have combined and developed, and is completely energy-neutral. Waste water is collected and purified on the premises using a helophyte filter. Heating, cooling and the production of domestic hot water takes place by means of cold and heat storage in the ground. All these facilities are already in use in the Netherlands. However, a combination of these is not yet available elsewhere. And precisely that is the unique concept of Uitspanning Zonnedauw.

Although our bathhouse is a high-quality sustainable building that we use as a laboratory for research into new sustainable energy systems, you will not notice this as a guest. Our bathhouse breathes the atmosphere of the 1920s but offers all modern forms of comfort. The toilets and urinal are rinsed with the water that we ourselves have purified in the helophyte filter, but tap water is used in the washbasins and for the washing machine present (which is taken to the helophyte filter after use).

You can charge your cell phone, power bank or other small appliances on the premises in special lockers, which we of course have provided with our own generated electricity. In addition, a refrigerator and a dryer are available for our guests. Also the charging of electric bicycles is provided (and of course on our own electricity).

Because of our water treatment, it is not possible to empty chemical toilets on our premises.
You will find various technical installations throughout the site. Owner At Koning can tell you all about them if you are interested. If you are looking for more information regarding our projects, we also refer you to

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